What’s the PH level of your garden?

What’s the PH level of your garden? Is your soil clean; a safe environment for pure seeds to grow? Inside each of us is a garden; It is the garden of our soul. We don’t realize that there are things planted in our soul that effect how we understand the world around us.
We can plant some awful things in our gardens sometimes. We may not understand that our choices effect the condition of the soil of the soul, and we may not even realize we are sowing anything. We are planting none the less. Sometimes others sow in our gardens through their terrible actions and their seeds grow and thrive in the wounded soil. Our wounds and sin and the sins of others against us create fertile soil for the things of this world to flourish in our soul; fear, anxiety, anger, depression, deception, hatred and worse….
There is such great hope for us. Jesus tells us in Matthew 15:13, “Every plant that my Father did not plant will be pulled up by the roots.” He promises to get it all, leaving nothing behind to grow again later. I love Soul Gardening; there is something truly wonderful in partnering with Father to uproot everything that doesn’t belong in the garden. It is an important step to being made Simply Whole.

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