John 8:44 and Radical love

I have spoken often about how our sin and the sin of others against us creates the perfect conditions for our wounded souls to grow the lie seeds planted by the enemy. Recently I have received a new depth of understanding about this I’d like to share. In John 8:44, Jesus says of Satan, “When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” He is the father of lies…He fathers every lie…. Not unlike modern day dead-beat dads, he plants the seed and leaves; for his work is done. He waits for sin to create perfect soil conditions and then comes in and plants his lie seed. He knows that in this fallen world there will be multiple occasions for people to come along at the most inopportune moments and water those lies. Every watering adds a new depth to the pain of the lie and each a new “issue” to deal with. The truth is, we don’t have to relive every tortuous memory to find freedom. When Holy Spirit reveals to us the moment when the sin that created that perfect soil condition happened, forgiving those involved in it’s creation fully uproots and ejects the whole plant/tree (size depending on how long it has been allowed to grow and how many times it has been watered) from the garden of your soul, taking ALL those wounded memories with it.
The father of lies is going to continue roaming the earth looking for fertile soil to plant his seeds. But radical love stunts the plants’ growth. Remember Jesus’ amazing examples of love for the broken people with full gardens of terrible plants? His words and actions could never be used to water lie seeds. Instead, His love showed them the Way to the Gardener who could ultimately set them free. When we walk like He did; with tremendous outpourings of love to everyone we encounter, absolutely the hands and feet of Christ, we will never be the enemy’s watering can again! I want to love like that!